Biblioteca Pública Municipal de São Bernardo do Campo

Public libraries

Open to the public in 1958, the city's library network seeks to serve the population through 6 central service units, as well as 40 reading points divided between rooms, library boxes, small collections and points supplied by the programs Reading for All and Spreading the reading.

As a way to promote and safeguard diversity, we also have 5 different spaces: Gibiteca, Art Library, Book Exchange Space, Braille Space, Reading Space in Poupatempo.

It has an approximate collection of 200 thousand volumes, composed of books, newspapers, magazines, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, braille books, devices, toys, games and other materials that can be consulted and / or borrowed.

In addition to these supports, libraries also offer internet access.

(published on 01/01/2012 by José Ricardo Quaglio)

Oficinas culturais #vempraca

Oficinas culturais - INSCREVA-SE AQUI!

#Lab1.2   Editais de cultura

de 06/06 a 04/07 às 18h30


#Lab 2.2  Narrativas visuais e verbais

de 27/06 a 25/07 às 18h30


#Lab3.2  Projeto de figurino 

de 08/06 a 22/06 às 10h30


Permacultura - Cuidar da Terra, cuidar das pessoas

de 01/06 a 13/07 às 10h30


Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato   -   Rua Dr. Flaquer, 26, Centro

Consulte o título em nosso catálogo, 


(published on 25/05/2019 by Kelly Guimaraes Moreira)
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